"Photography is the art of observation. It is about finding something interesting in an ordinary place. It has little to do with the things you see and a lot with how you see them. " Elliot Erwitt

Photography is an essential part of my life, it is a connection with my interior, a need. My desire to observe and record have made photography become my profession.

After studying photography and collaborating in various photographic projects in South America, the desire to enrich my photographic experience took me to New York, where I participate in several restyling projects of the Angel Orenzaens Foundation. This experience allowed me to test and improve my lighting techniques.

Milano, which is my new home, and my new status of mom, has offered me the possibility of experiencing another type of photography, which is fun, fast and spontaneous – a very dynamic way of photography: Family Report.

With the atmosphere that Milan offers (design and fashion), I have found new stimuli.

I have collaborated in several advertising projects, a very demanding sector, which needs a high level of professionalism and which continuously offers new challenges.



In each image, I capture the best of each emotion to obtain a unique remembrance.

Photo Journalism

Because a picture is worth a thousand words … you live and I tell it.

Advertising photography

With a good management of light, the right creativity and a correct post processing, it is possible to make an inanimate object relevant, interesting and attractive.

Travel Photography

If you want to take good photos, you have to look at the photos of those who know more than you. And that is what I try to do in every trip I take; I carefully study the place and the photos that for one reason or another impact me. Then, I take action by looking for things that amaze me (ironic, beautiful or absurd), I try different angles and different shots until I end up with the feeling of having at least one photo that fills me with emotion.

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